What CPAP Supplies Does Lincare Offer?

Some continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, equipment and supplies offered by Lincare include CPAP machines, cushions, filters and humidifiers, states Lincare. CPAP masks and mask parts are also available.

CPAP is a form of treatment that utilizes controlled air pressure to prevent airways from closing. It is generally recommended for patients with breathing difficulties, such as sleep apnea, notes the United States National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Lincare, which is an authorized Medicare provider of CPAP devices and services, offers products from quality CPAP manufacturers around the country, including Fisher & Paykel, Respironics, ResMed and DeVibliss.

Lincare carries the trademarked Swift FX CPAP Nasal Pillows System & Headgear by ResMed. This product boasts high standards in terms of being lightweight, flexible and comfortable. ResMed’s registered S9 Elite w/H5i Humidifier is also marketed by Lincare. This handy device is characterized by four distinctly identifiable buttons and a prominent colored screen that enables users to easily customize the device’s settings.

Lincare is a retailer of the Zest Q Nasal Mask & Headgear made by Fisher & Paykel. This device can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of facial shapes with its one-step fitting feature. Additionally, Lincare offers Fisher & Paykel’s Lady Zest Q Nasal Mask and Headgear. Created to particularly suit female patients with its feminine style, this product offers wearers a straightforward approach in terms of usability. Other features include a lightweight design, optimal fit and minimal noise during usage.