How Do You Cover Track Marks?

There are various ways to scars such as track marks on your arms. The option you choose depends on the occasion, the ease of the process and how often you need to do it. Wearing long sleeves or using any type of accessory or jewelry is quick and easy and may be used for occasions where which the track marks need to be hidden on a consistent basis, such as when going to work. For special occasions, temporary tattoos and ink drawings or camouflage makeup may be appropriate.

  1. Use clothing or accessories

    Depending on the location of the track marks, long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves are perfect for hiding track marks for occasions in which you have to do it consistently. Use bracelets or other accessories, especially for marks lower down on the arms.

  2. Try temporary tattoos and ink drawings

    If the track marks are old and the occasion for which you need to hide them is more casual, temporary tattoos which can be purchased at any novelty or toy store and ink drawings are excellent choices of cover. You can choose the specific spot and simply apply the tattoo or have a friend draw your chosen design.

  3. Rely on makeup

    Makeup manufactured specifically to cover up imperfections in the skin is also ideal for a one-time occasion or for when you don’t want to wear long sleeves. Make sure you blot the makeup and let it fully dry so that is doesn’t stain your clothing.