What Is a Court Liaison Officer?

A court liaison officer is someone who performs small tasks in support of the court, to ensure required people show up and paperwork gets processed. A court liaison officer can also serve as a liaison between the court and the police department.

A court liaison officer’s job is to entirely support the court. This could be considered as an administrative position, but for an official court. This officer can serve as the liaison between different departments and offices, as well as ensuring people are at court for the times they are supposed to show up and filing paperwork. This can include delivering subpoenas, contacting attorneys’ offices in order to set up appointments for clients and can even include keeping track of the official docket.

Other responsibilities for the court liaison officer can include maintaining records for the police department regarding which cases need police officers to witness. A very important part of being a court liaison officer can include instructing officers and civilians on new department policies, inside and outside of the courtroom. Receiving receipts and signing documents as needed by the court can also be a part of the job duties. Another important part of the job is taking care of the information needed for the appearance of police officers and ensuring that they spend minimal time actually inside the courtroom so that the officers can get back to their jobs patrolling the streets.