How Do You Find Court Cases by Cause Number?

Most county courts operate official county websites where online users can search court records by cause numbers. A cause number is a series of numbers a court gives to a prosecuted case for easy filing and identification, as stated by the Office of District Attorney in Harris County, Texas.

By searching a court case by cause number, an online user gets detailed cause information about the case, including case details, court costs, documents and the parties involved in the case, according to the Harris County District Clerk website. Many county courts, such as the Bexar County and the Pierce County websites, only require users to input the cause number and choose the court where the case was filed. Aside from the cause number, online users may also search for court cases by providing the name of the defendant, the year the case is filed and the case type, as in the case in the Legal Information Network Exchange site of Pierce County.

The county and the district clerks often manage the court records in a county court website, as stated by the Texas Association of Counties. In the state of Texas, for example, the district clerk is responsible for arranging and keeping the records of the district court, while the county clerk serves as the custodian of all county court records. The roles of the district and the county clerks vary from state to state.