What Courses Are Included in University of Subway Training?

The University of Subway features a total of six training courses, such as The Subway Way, Creating a Professional Atmosphere and Frontline Food Safety. New Subway employees must pass all six courses before going to work, including courses on Food Preparation and How to Build.

Employees can access the University of Subway course by logging into their account at www.partners.subway.com. The login name and password should be supplied by the manager that hired the employee. After logging into the University of Subway learning management system, employees can use the search bar to find the name of the first course on their list. Each course consists of a presentation, which is then followed by a short quiz over the presented material.

The University of Subway offers more than 700 different online courses for every level of employee, ranging from sandwich artists to managers. The training courses are coordinated from Subway’s worldwide headquarters in Connecticut. As of June 2015, more than 5.5 million employees have taken training courses through the University of Subway.

Subway is not the only fast food chain to have its own training university for its employees, as McDonald’s runs Hamburger University and Five Guys Burgers runs Five Guys University.