Are There Any Countries That Still Use a Caste System?

Kevin Clogstoun/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

While there are not really any official caste systems still in place, India is a good example of a country that still endures the legacy of a caste system. Certain minority groups in India, such as the Dalits in Bangalore, still suffer from certain caste related prejudices, for example.

The caste system in India was officially made illegal, which some argue has simply moved prejudices from traditional areas of employment and education to the spheres of politics and marriage.

The official dissolving of the caste system has generally led to more equality and freedom of social and economic movement in India, although stereotypes remain to some extent, according to the New York Times.

When the caste system in India was in full force, jobs, marriage, education opportunities and social standing were all determined before birth.

Despite many positive changes after the caste system was abolished, many Indians still vote for politicians of a certain caste. This means that although not official, caste still plays an important part in Indian politics.

The same is also true for marriage. Although there are inter-caste marriages, they are limited in number. Many Indian families still take caste into account where marriage is concerned, giving credence to arguments that claim the caste system is still in effect in many aspects of life.