What Countries Are Still Communist Today?

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China, Cuba, North Korea, Laos and Vietnam are the only five remaining communist nations in the world. Of these, according to Oxford University, North Korean policy most closely resembles that of Marx.

North Korea has been a communist nation since 1948, which also makes it the oldest of the currently existing communist nations. Laos is the youngest. It did not become a communist nation until 1975. The communist philosophy was first introduced in 1847 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in “The Communist Manifesto.” Marx and Engels called for an end to the wealthy, ruling bourgeoisie and for all people to share equally in the work as well as the economic spoils of a nation. Marx and Engels believed that capitalism leads to greed, which leads to the violation of the freedoms and liberties of working class people. In ending the private ownership of business and granting everyone equal share in every aspect of society, everyone has a more equal chance of realizing individual liberty and happiness, according to “The Communist Manifesto.” Marx and Engels referred to the working class majority as the proletariat. In ancient Rome, proletariats were the lowest class of citizens, and they did not own property.