What Countries Are in EMEA?

Countries that are considered to be part of EMEA are countries in the continents of Europe and Africa as well as the Middle East region. The EMEA classification also includes Greenland, but does not extend to overseas territories such as French Guyana. On the eastern front, the EMEA region includes Russia and extends to Iran in the Middle Eastern region.

EMEA as a regional classification code is used for business, marketing and government purposes. This designation is commonly found in use by North American companies. The EMEA region is highly diverse, however, and the designation does not indicate a single homogeneous identification method among all the countries within it.

As of 2014, the EMEA region is projected to have anywhere between 2.1 billion to 2.2 billion people living within it who are projected to speak up to 2,000 different languages. The EMEA region generates approximately 38 percent of the global GDP with $27.5 trillion annually. The diversity of the region is such that the countries with the highest and lowest GDP per capita is counted as part of it. Other regions that follow the same naming convention include the EEMEA, which divides the European region into Eastern Europe and excludes Central and Western Europe.