What Could Cause Tooth Pain When Biting Down?

Kay Blaschke/Stock4B/Getty Images

According to the American Association of Endodontists, tooth pain when biting down can indicate dental issues that include cracked teeth, tooth decay, damaged tooth pulp or loose fillings. It is important for individuals with tooth pain to consult with a dentist to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. If the pulp is damaged, a root canal procedure may be needed.

Colgate Professional explains that intermittent pain in the tooth when biting down is a common symptom of cracked tooth syndrome, a condition in which the lower molars develop small cracks. Tooth pain is not constant in individuals with cracked tooth syndrome, so the condition is often difficult to diagnose. Treatment for cracked tooth syndrome depends on the severity and location of the crack. If the crack is limited to the tooth cusp, crowns are generally effective. In severe cases in which the pulp is compromised, root canals and extractions are performed.

According to Midlands Dental Group, tooth pain that occurs when biting down may also indicate temporal mandibular joint disorder. TMJ is caused by injury, stress and bite problems that affect the jaw joint. TMJ is diagnosed with tests that evaluate tooth pain while clenching the jaw, often referred to as clench tests.