What Could Cause Tiny Red Blood Spots on Your Skin?

Blood spots on the skin may result from petechiae, according to the Mayo Clinic. Damage to the blood vessels, also known as capillaries, leak blood within the skin and cause petechiae spots to form. Petechiae in the face is a likely result from crying, coughing, weightlifting or vomiting for long periods of time. Giving birth can also give rise to petechiae.

The Mayo Clinic further notes that certain medicines can cause petechiae marks, including penicillin, morphine and aspirin. Infections such as sepsis, scarlet fever and strep throat are other potential causes. Certain medical conditions, such as leukemia and infantile scurvy, cause petechiae.

The Mayo Clinic explains that a lack of vitamin K is the likely result of petechiae, but WebMD also notes that other vitamin deficiencies, such as vitamins C, B12 and folic acid, are causes of red spots on the skin. Serious health complications may be the problem, including blood clot disorders in the form of hemophilia. Cirrhosis of the liver can also cause red spotting. Cancers in the form of leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease lead to bleeding in the skin.

The Mayo Clinic adds that petechiae marks are small with red, brown or purple spotting, and they can take the form of a pinpoint. They tend to form in clusters and take on the appearance of a rash. A sign of petechiae is when the blemishes are flat when touching them, and they do not lose their color when pressed.