What Could Cause a Lump in the Glands of the Neck?

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Swollen lymph nodes commonly cause neck lumps in the glands of the neck, explains MedlinePlus. This is due to viral or bacterial infections, colds or sore throats, according to WebMD. Other causes of neck lumps include cysts, food allergies, salivary gland infections, tumors and cancer.

Causes of lumps in the necks fall into groups that include bacterial causes, viral causes, thyroid problems, salivary gland problems and cancers. Bacterial causes include strep throat, tonsillitis and bacterial pharyngitis, states MedlinePlus. Viral causes include HIV, herpes and rubella. Thyroid problems include Graves disease and goiter. Cancers that cause neck lumps include mouth cancer, thyroid cancer and Hodgkin’s disease. A stone in the salivary duct and mumps are some of the salivary gland problems that cause neck lumps, according to Healthline.