What Is the Cost to Repair a Coolant Leak?

The cost to repair a coolant leak can vary depending on what exactly is leaking and where it is leaking from. Coolant leaks can be as basic as a loose clamp and as complex as a leaking heater core.

If the problem is that the heater core is leaking, the repair can take anywhere from eight to ten hours. Besides paying for a new hose, replacement coolant and the labor costs need to be taken into account. Labor can cost as much as $80 per hour. If the repair job does take eight to ten hours, the cost of labor alone could be anywhere from $720 to $800. Leaking radiators can usually be repaired in two hours, but the coolant also needs to be replaced.

Auto shops charge different prices for original-equipment manufacturer parts, used parts and aftermarket parts in addition to the price of repairs, labor and coolant replacement. The model of the vehicle being repaired also influences the cost. Examples of miscellaneous charges that may be added to the final repair bill include hazardous waste disposal and charges for auto shop supplies.

It is always recommended to go to a reputable and ASE-certified mechanic for all auto repairs.