What Is the Correct Height to Hang a Mirror?

A general guideline for hanging mirrors is to place the center of the mirror about 60 to 62 inches from the floor. This applies to situations in which the mirror is above a piece of furniture under 30 inches tall or when it is the only item on the wall.

This practice keeps the mirror in everyone’s eyesight, since most people, regardless of their own height, do not look above 8 feet. The mirror should adequately reflect light without causing glares for seated people, too. Mirrors above toilets or near furniture, not above furniture, should abide by the same rule. Arrangements of multiple mirrors on the same wall space should have the center of their arrangement set at 60 to 62 inches as well. Mirrors placed above headboards and couches require a 5- to 10-inch gap between the mirror and the item. Allow 3 to 6 inches of space above mantles; taller mantles require a smaller gap. Mirrors that hang over items that are 30 inches or taller require a gap between 3 and 10 inches. The item and the mirror size should be considered for proper placement.