How Does the Cordless Kettle Base Work?

Electric kettles contain a heating element in the bottom, which uses channeled electricity to heat the water and bring it to a boil. It takes about 160 seconds for an electric kettle to bring water to a boil.

Electric kettles, also known as electric water boilers, heat water faster than the traditional stovetop kettle.

Unlike a traditional kettle, which is just a container of water placed on a stovetop, an electric kettle comes with a heating element directly attached to the base and can sit on a counter, table or desk. Most times this heating element is a coil that uses the flow of electricity to heat up quickly, thus raising the temperature of the water. To raise the temperature of the water to a boil more quickly, use a stronger kettle with more electrical current (more electricity flowing through the coil) or less water.

Electric kettles use a wall outlet to power the base. Technically, it’s only cordless because the container of water sits on the base without a cord plugged into it. The base itself requires a cord to channel electricity from the outlet. The movement of the electricity heats the coil and water, bringing it to a boil more quickly than a traditional stovetop.