How Do You Get a Copy of a Marriage Certificate?

Obtain a copy of a marriage certificate by contacting the vital records office of the state in which the license was issued. Copies of marriage certificates issued during specific years may only be available by contacting the county probate court where the license was issued. For example, marriage certificates issued in Georgia before 1952 and after 1996 are only available at county probate courts.

  1. Contact state vital records office

    Locate the closest Office of Vital Records in your area. A list of locations is often distributed by the Department of Public Health for your state. Certified copies of marriage certificates are often available to the general public. However, marriage certificate applications are restricted to the bride or groom listed on the certificate.

  2. Fill out appropriate applications

    Sign and deliver the necessary applications. Along with filling out your name and contact information, completion of the application request requires a fee and proof of identification, such as a government-issued photo ID card.

  3. Submit your application and fee

    Submit applications and all necessary documentation to the vital records office nearest you, or visit the county probate court where the marriage took place. If requested in person, delivery of marriage certificates may be completed the same day. It’s not uncommon for a mailed request to take several business days to several weeks to be processed.