How Do I Copy a CD Onto My Pc?

baobao ou/Moment/Getty Images

To copy a CD onto your computer, put the CD into the computer, select the files to copy, and pull them over onto the hard drive. Copying from the CD allows music to be moved onto a digital player, allow programs to play faster, and provides more permanent storage of photographs and videos.

  1. Put the CD into the computer drive

    An external CD drive, the CD drive already built into the computer, or a DVD reader all allow CDs to be read and copied. Allow a few moments for the computer to recognize the CD.

  2. Find the CD drive on the computer

    Some computers automatically play the CD. Others require you to find the CD through the computer, and open the drive to find and manipulate the files. Click on the symbol for the CD/DVD drive to see what files are on the CD.

  3. Select the files to copy

    Select the entire CD or just some of the files on it. Highlight the files. Identify the location in the hard drive for the new files to go.

  4. Move the files

    Recent operating systems allow the files to be pulled with the mouse to the new location on the hard drive. That action copies the files and stores the copies in the new location. Older operating systems may require a manual “copy and paste.” This may also vary depending on the type of file.