How Do You Copy a CD to a Flash Drive?

To copy music from a CD to flash drive, the files must first be converted into MP3 format and then saved onto a flash drive. Computer systems generally come with programs that can be used to download music from CDs such as Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player is a platform used to play music, videos and other forms of media on the Windows operating system. This same program can also be used to take songs from CDs and covert them to a digital format. Use the instructions listed below to successfully rip songs from a CD and download them onto a USB flash drive.

  1. Insert the CD
  2. First, insert the CD into the computer’s disk drive and wait for it to boot up. Once it does, the interface for Windows Media Player will also boot up. Press the Rip option on the top of the menu.

  3. Choose the desired options
  4. Click on the Rip Settings and choose into what format to convert the audio files. This option allows the quality of the tracks to be increased.

  5. Press the Rip button
  6. Press the Rip button and wait for the tracks to finish their conversion processes. Then, take all the recently downloaded files, highlight them and copy them into the flash drive.