How Do You Get a Copy of Your Birth Certificate in Virginia?

According to the State of Virginia website, certified birth certificate copies are available through the Virginia Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records. A certificate is obtained in four ways: through the mail, online, by walking into the office and through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  1. Obtain a birth certificate by mail

    Request a birth certificate through the mail by sending the request to the Office of Vital Records in Richmond, Va. The address for mailing in the request is listed on the Virginia state website. As of 2014, the request must include the search fee of $12 by check or money order as well as a piece of identification. Allow two to four weeks for the request to be processed and sent out.

  2. Request a birth certificate online

    Obtain the birth certificate in two to five days by making the request through VitalChek online. The fee as of 2014 is $20.80 for the certificate. There is also a fee for using VitalChek of $11.95, but delivery of the birth certificate by USPS is free. To cut down on delivery time, choose UPS delivery for an extra fee of $17 or $18.50. UPS delivery cannot be made to a post office box, though.

  3. Walk into the office for faster delivery

    Get a certified birth certificate on the same day you apply for one by visiting the Office of Vital Records in Richmond located at 2001 Maywell St. The fee is $12, as of 2014, and a photo ID is required.

  4. Obtain a birth certificate through the DMV

    Go to a full-service Virginia DMV office to get same-day service for a birth certificate request. A fee of $14 is required in 2014 for the certificate search, according to the Virginia DMV website, along with a photo ID.