Where Is the Coolant Temperature Sensor Located?

A coolant temperature sensor is located at the engine block’s front. Although the location may vary in cars that feature pulleys on their sides, the coolant temperature sensor is typically located in the pulley system of the car.

A coolant temperature sensor is a device that detects the current temperature of the engine and communicates this information to the car’s computer. It helps the engine start up when the weather is cold and enhances smooth running of the engine. It also helps the engine’s temperature regulation, preventing overheating. When the sensor fails to operate as normal, the engine overheats and the car slows down. As a result, a faulty sensor should be replaced.

To replace a faulty coolant temperature sensor, open the car’s hood, remove the fan, and disconnect the lead wire from the terminal. Unscrew and remove the old coolant sensor from the car with a ratchet wrench, place a new sensor in the place of the old one, and torque it in place with a torque wrench. Reattach the lead wire to the terminal, and fasten it in place. Be sure to clean the lead wire ends as needed for proper connection. Finally, lower the hood, ignite the engine and test the new sensor.