What Are Some Cool Nicknames for Grandmas?

kali9/E+/Getty Images

Among the top 120 trendy names for grandmothers, according to SheKnows, are GG, Glammy, MeMom and NotherMother. Choosing a fun nickname for a grandmother can be a way of honoring a young, playful spirit. Some women prefer these names to ones that remind them of their own grandmothers.

One way to come up with a fun name to replace Grandma is to just let the grandchild pick it. Very young children often mispronounce names and create some unusual nicknames for the people around them. A woman may prefer to come up with her own alternative as a way of distinguishing herself from other grandmothers. Having an unusual nickname helps avoid confusion in a playground full of Grandmas, letting Nonni know immediately when her grandchild is calling for her.

Sometimes it is simply more fun to have a unique and memorable name, and children may enjoy having a grandmother with a trendy name that no one else has. The origins of an unusual nickname can be a fun story to tell, especially if it was picked by the grandchild. A lot celebrity grandmothers and their grandchildren are now coming up with unique names to replace Grandma, according to Today. These include Honey for Susan Sarandon, Gogo for Goldie Hawn and Lalo for Blythe Danner.

Some words for grandmother in other languages that may work as nicknames include the Spanish Abuelita and its derivative Lita; the Swahili Bibi or Nyanya; the informal German Oma; the Italian Nonna; and the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian MorMor.

Nicknames based on the grandmother’s first name are another option. For example, the American Grandparents Association gives “Zannie” as the name grandmother and actress Suzanne Somers uses.