What Are Some Cool Nicknames for Girls?

Examples of cool nicknames for girls include “Dimples,” “Peaches,” “Mooncake” and “Jellybean.” Other nickname ideas for girls are “Pop Tart,” “Snowflake” and “Skittles.” Many female nicknames are based on sweet foods and desserts.

“Dimples” is an appropriate nickname for a girl with dimples who smiles a lot. The nickname “Peaches” suits a girl who likes fruit or is from Georgia, the state of peaches. “Mooncake” is a cool nickname for a girl who likes space and astronomy. “Jellybean” suits a girl who likes candy or colorful things or is petite.

“Pop Tart” is a good nickname for a girl who has a “tart” attitude and “Snowflake” is appropriate for a girl who loves the winter and playing in the snow. “Skittles” is also a good nickname for a girl who likes candy and colorful things.

Female nicknames vary according to who is using them. For example, a nickname from a father is different than a nickname from a boyfriend or husband. Examples of some nicknames for a girlfriend include “Angel Heart,” “Baby Love,” “Blossom Butt” and “Cheeky Monkey.” Other nickname ideas for girlfriends are “Cuddle Bunny,” “Love Bug,” “Dear Heart” and “Honey Pants.” These names have more intimate connotations than regular nicknames.