How Do You Cook Frozen Waffles in the Toaster?

Cook frozen waffles in a matter of a minutes using a toaster on low setting. Plug in the toaster, insert the waffles, and select the setting. Wait for the waffles to emerge once they are ready.

  1. Set the toaster temperature

    Keep the waffles frozen until you are ready to use the toaster, since defrosted waffles end up soggy. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for your toaster to determine the right temperature setting. Typically, the lowest setting provides the best temperature for waffles.

  2. Insert the waffles

    Place your waffles in the toaster slots as you would two slices of bread. Depress the heating lever, and wait for the waffles to pop up. For added crispness, put the waffles back in the toaster for a minute or less, and disengage the lever once they reach their ideal temperature. Dialing the temperature setting to “off” releases the waffles automatically.

  3. Troubleshoot with smaller toasters

    For toasters designed exclusively for bread, waffles may be too large to insert. In this case, toast half of each waffle at a time, swapping the cooked half for the uncooked half once it pops up. Frozen waffles can also be heated in a toaster oven. If the oven is set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, they take around five minutes to become hot and ready to eat.