How Do I Cook Frozen Hot Dogs?

stu_spivack/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Hot dogs can be cooked straight out of the freezer. Because they are fully cooked already, no food safety issues arise when cooking them frozen. Cooking frozen meats takes approximately 50 percent longer than cooking the same meat fresh. Sometimes, hot dogs cooked right out of the freezer have a slightly different taste, but this difference can be camouflaged with condiments.

Hot dogs can safely be frozen for three months. Once a package of hot dogs has been opened, it should be eaten within three days. Even though hot dogs are already cooked, it is best to prepare them before serving using a heat source to kill any remaining bacteria in the meat.

Hot dogs cooked in a microwave without a turntable should be turned every 30 seconds until cooked. It is also possible to thaw hot dogs in the microwave, after which they can be boiled, fried or grilled. To thaw hot dogs in a microwave, put them in a dish with a small amount of water, cover the hot dog with plastic wrap, then microwave defrost them for five minutes before cooking.

Hot dogs straight from the freezer can be eaten the traditional way in a hot dog bun. Hot dogs can also be sliced up and served with baked beans.