How Do You Convert a JPG File Into a DST File?

To convert a file from the JPG format to the DST format, download a program or application that performs the conversion. Then, open the JPG file inside the software and save it in the new format, which is suitable for use in electronic embroidery machines.

  1. Download a suitable program or application

    Search online for a conversion program based on your computer operating system and the cost. The embroidery machine you are using might also have software available to make the conversion.

  2. Prepare the JPG file

    Consider the size of the file, the details in the design and the colors used in the image. Edit the file as necessary for optimal transfer onto the embroidery machine. Consult the embroidery machine’s manual to understand how large the files can be once transferred and any other design specifications.

  3. Open the JPG file

    Open the edited JPG file within the software or application. Study it carefully to ensure the image meets all the requirements the embroidery machine has. Make any necessary changes.

  4. Save the file as a DST file

    Save the image in the desired format onto a medium accepted by the embroidery machine. Look at the final version of the image on the embroidery machine to ensure a quality transfer.