Is a Convection Oven the Best Option for Cooking a Pork Butt?

TomLester/iStock/Getty Images

Although a convention oven is an option when cooking a pork butt, the ideal way to cook one is low and slow, such as when smoking slowly using a grill or in a conventional oven. Pork butt is known by many different names, most notably Boston butt and pork shoulder. As such it comes from the shoulder area of a pig and is loaded with both meat and fat.

Because of the prevalent amount of fat in a pork butt, a faster method of cooking, such as with a convection oven, does not allow the meat to cook fully without burning before the fat renders. Cooking pork butt slowly, such as in a smoker grill, conventional oven or slow cooker, until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit allows the meat to cook fully and the fat to melt away. The fat melts into the meat, keeping the meat moist even though it is cooking to such a high temperature.