How Do You Control Stink Bugs?

Edwin Remsberg/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The best way to control stink bugs is to prevent them from entering buildings by sealing up any cracks or other possible points of entry, according to Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences. Applying an exterior pesticide may also help prevent infestations.

The best pesticides for stink bugs neonicotinoid or synthetic pyrethroid, which are both quite harmful and should only be applied by a licensed exterminator. If stink bugs are inside the home, any visible bugs can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. However, pesticides should never be used on stink bugs indoors, as this can lead to an infestation of carpet beetles or other pests that feed on the dead bugs, states Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences.

Most stink bug infestations in North America are caused by either the kudzu bug or the brown marmorated stink bug, according to Orkin. When stink bugs enter a home to overwinter, they are extremely difficult to remove, as they do not feed or reproduce during this time. They become active again when the weather warms in spring.

The brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive species from Asia that was accidentally introduced into the United States, according to PSU College of Agricultural Sciences. As of 2015, no viable strategy for controlling this species has been found, states New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.