How Do You Contact ABC's "The View"?

Questions, suggestions or comments to ABC's "The View" television show must be made in writing via the contact page on the company's website. Producers ask that writing be strictly concise and articulate for clarity.

By contacting the show's staff via the official website, viewers are able to make their own observations or raise queries regarding the show's material. Go to the website and select the Contact page. Complete the fields asking for your personal details, including name, email address, city and state. Type the question, suggestion or comment in the box provided on the form and double-check it for accuracy, spelling and clarity. Lastly, click the blue Submit button on the bottom of the page to send it. The show's producers warn that, because they receive thousands of communications each day, it may take them some considerable time to respond personally to each message.

The popular American TV show is one of the longest-running national daytime talk shows in history. As of 2015, its format is three female presenters who discuss a variety of social and political issues, as well as celebrity and tabloid news, in an entertaining and informative manner. Whoopi Goldberg takes the role of moderator in the current series.