What Are the Consumer Reviews of an Airstream Trailer?

A majority of consumer reviews of Airstream trailers are positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Many reviewers state that Airstream trailers are affordable, have low centers of gravity and are well constructed, while others complain of a lack of climate controls and space.

A majority of consumers state that Airstream trailers are available at reasonable prices. They indicate that the low center of gravity enables the trailer to be smooth and remain stable even when changing lanes quickly or when maneuvering around an object on the road. Several consumers acknowledge that Airstream trailers are constructed using a sleek aluminum design with an interior that incorporates a unique design, comfortable materials and modern classic finishing.

Other reviewers remark that the trailers’ riveted aluminum panel fittings create a streamlined structure, enabling them to last longer. Other reviewers mention that Airstream trailers are light in weight and environmental friendly. However, some consumers complain that an Airstream is not spacious since it is narrow in width and cannot accommodate a lot of people.

Some consumers complain about the lack of climate controls due to absence of adequate insulators in Airstream trailers. They complain that some parts, such as the thermostat, furnace AC unit and transmission system, do not work properly and are prone to constant breakages. One consumer warns that Airstream trailers emit bad fumes either from its interior materials or its AC unit that cause health problems.