What Is the Connection Between Neck Pain and a Stroke?

Unexplained neck pain is one of the warning symptoms of a stroke, advises the American Chiropractic Association. Other stroke warning signs include slurred speech, confusion, numbness or tingling on one side of the face, severe headache or sudden vision problems. People may experience one or all of these symptoms.

If an individual is experiencing these conditions, he should seek medical attention immediately, advises the ACA. A stroke is a condition in which blood flow to a portion of the brain is blocked. Without treatment, people may die or experience long-term effects such as poor memory, speech difficulties, altered emotional states, weakness and paralysis.

Chiropractic neck manipulation may increase the risk of stroke, advises WebMD. Chiropractic adjustments may cause a tear in the artery. In some cases, that results in a blood clot which can travel to the brain, resulting in stroke. This may be the cause of 8 to 25 percent of strokes in patients under the age of 45.

If someone experiences dizziness, vertigo, nausea, erratic eye movements, double vision or slurred speech after receiving chiropractic manipulation, he should seek medical attention immediately, states Medical News Today.

Spinal surgery and some medications can also cause a stroke, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and narcotic medication, states WebMd. Other conditions that increase the risk of stroke include obesity, heart disease, smoking, alcohol abuse and diabetes, states the ACA.