How Do You Connect a VHS Player to a Computer?

To connect a VHS player to a computer, a person will need to use an adapter with analog capabilities. The adapter or cable should have a USB connector on one end, which will connect to the computer, and an RCA connector on the other end to connect to the VHS player.

To plug in the video player, a person should locate the RCA jacks on the back of the device. These will be yellow, white and red in color. The end of the adapter should plug into the “Line In” jacks, each one corresponding with the matching color. After the RCA connectors are in place, the user should then plug the USB connector into the USB port on the computer.

After the cable or adapter is in the correct place, the computer will begin to recognize the added external device. This might take several minutes depending on the person’s computer. After the computer recognizes the VHS player, the user can then insert a VHS tape and open an appropriate video capture application. Some computers have this feature, but others need it downloaded for this purposes.

After determining the footage the user wants to capture, the person can begin transferring it to the computer according to the application that is being used. The user can then save the video on the computer itself or to a disc.