How Do You Congratulate Someone on an Achievement?

Michael Blann/Stone/Getty Images

To congratulate a person on an achievement, offer a verbal address, such as “Congratulations on accomplishing this goal.” One can also present a written expression on a letter or congratulatory card or record a video that has a group of loved ones offering congratulatory remarks. Well-wishers can create a poster board or collage of photos documenting the accomplishment, or send gifts or cash to congratulate the person.

Common phrases to say or write in a letter or card when congratulating a person on an accomplishment include: “I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this reward,” “Your hard work paid off and I’m so proud of you,” “What a remarkable accomplishment” and “You deserve to be proud of this achievement.” Specific details about the award or accomplishment can also be noted when congratulating someone. For example, one might write or say: “Dedicating yourself to countless hours of studying resulted in high academic honors that display your commitment to your education,” or “This promotion is a result of your commitment to the firm and your dedication to impeccable customer service to our clients.” When presenting a gift, collage or video to congratulate someone, make the sentiment meaningful and personal by expressing enthusiasm, creativity and warmth to show the importance of the achievement.