What Are Computers Used for Today?

Individuals use computers to prepare documents and to check them for spelling and grammar. Students use them to complete assignments for classes. Businesses use them to prepare documents and correspondence, to keep accounting records, and to prepare graphs and charts.

Computer document programs allow people to prepare typed memos, statements and letters. The analytical tools built into typical document programs help writers check for mistakes. Businesses use software programs to carry out business activities on their computers.

The Internet offers many other uses for individual and companies using computers. Businesses often present merchandise to customers on their websites. Online retailing is a way for consumers to make purchases from home, at any time, and for sellers to offer higher levels of inventory than they can fit into a store. The Internet is also used by individuals and company representatives to send electronic mail. Email allows for communication of personal messages and for correspondence between company representatives and clients or partners.

People also use computers to conduct research using the World Wide Web. Students conduct research for research papers in classes. Business representatives conduct research for use in preparing statistical analysis, reports and marketing materials. Users can go directly to sites or enter search phrases in a search engine.