How Are Computers Used in the Military?

MivPiv/Getty Images

The development of computing and the military have always been tightly knit. In fact, early development of computers was done in order to increase the military potential of most armies in the world. Today, computers are used for communications and weapons guidance in most armies.

The fact that newer and safer ways of engaging in wars are being sought may mean that the use of computers in the army is likely to increase in the future. As of 2014, computers are heavily relied on for the development and use of weapons systems. For instance, drones wholly depend on computers for functioning and control, and a wide range of weapons, including incredibly accurate missiles, also depend on the use of computers to function.

Some of the military equipment that is currently in development, such as army suits, are also likely to heavily depend on computing for things such as giving the solider wearing the suit all the information there is about his or her environment. Other military applications include the use of computers for strategic operations, such as using remote satellites to do reconnaissance and to plan assaults. In the future, computers are likely to be used in virtually all aspects of military operations.