How Are Computers Used in Law Enforcement?

Computers are used in law enforcement to communicate, compare data, automate processes, safeguard delicate information and for research. In countries where computer technology has been embraced, crime rates are recorded and have reduced significantly.

Computers play an important role in almost all aspects of life today since they are used in business, in medical-related fields, in education and even in law enforcement. Below are a few details regarding the use of computers in law enforcement.


The use of computers in researching legal matters and new ways of dealing with crime has become a common activity among law enforcement personnel. The Internet is rich in helpful resources that help boost law enforcement.


Constant communication between police headquarters and patrol vehicles is necessary for effective crime fighting. Exchange of vital information through various government agencies is also made easier through the use of computers.

Automation of processes

Certain processes, such as opening cell doors and information input, may be tedious and time consuming when done by hand. Computers help in automating such processes and freeing up more manpower to focus on other matters.

Data storage

Storing data in actual paper files is known to be unsafe since theft and calamities, such as fire outbreaks, can destroy vital information. Computers are used to store important data that helps in making law enforcement easier.