How Is the Computer Used in Different Fields?

Computers are used in various ways depending upon the occupation. They are used in the fields of education, business, medicine, communication and entertainment. Teachers, government organizations, students, engineers, businessmen and other professionals use computers to perform specific tasks. Computers perform precise and accurate functions within a very short time. Businesses and industries attribute their growth to the use of computers.

Computers have different programs used in the field of education. A program called CBT contains graphics, text and sound used for educating people. Students learn and sit for examinations virtually using computers. Computers help businesses to expand their markets and conduct businesses quickly, as a result saving time and money. Sections of trade, such as stock exchange and marketing, benefit from the use of computers. Organizations use computers to monitor marketing, advertising and supply activities.

In the medical field, computers are used to automate daily operations and procedures at hospitals. They also have software used in diagnosis. Examples of computer software used in systems that conduct tests include CT scans and ECGs. Other uses of computers in the medical field include monitoring of patients and storage of hospital records.

Computers are used at home for tasks such as managing home budgets, working from home via the Internet, socialization, communication and entertainment.