Why Does a Computer Screen Freeze?

Kelly Sillaste/Moment/Getty Images

There are many reasons why a computer screen freezes, including slow downloading times, a loss of Internet connection and a problem with a website. If the problem only lasts for a few seconds or a couple minutes, the computer is most likely fine. However, if the screen freezes up frequently or for long periods of time, the computer is usually in need of maintenance.

If a recent change was made to the computer and this seems to be causing the computer screen to freeze, the computer must be rebooted to the last known good configuration. To do this, shut down the computer, and then restart it in safe mode. Next, open the system restore feature, and undo any recent changes. If this does not fix the problem, perform a system restore by selecting the advanced boot option from the startup screen. An option to restore the system should display.

Other possible causes of a screen freezing include a damaged hard drive, a problem with the screen bulb or an issue with the screen’s wiring. It is also possible that the operating system is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. Also, run a virus scan to eliminate the possibility that this is the cause of the screen freezing.