Why Is Computer Literacy Important?

Yutaka Tsutano/CC-BY-2.0

Computer literacy is important because most companies perform daily duties in an increasingly digitized manner. Employees that are comfortably and confidently able to master many computer programs are highly desired. To develop computer literacy or enhance skill-sets, basic computer courses and software tutorials are key to bolstering marketable skills.

Computer literacy simply refers to the ability to quickly and easily navigate a computer workspace. Familiarity with office programs, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Quickbooks used to be the standard skill set for most business operations. True computer literacy today is demonstrated through exceptional knowledge of Internet search engines, social media expertise, and in some cases, website building and management. Computer literacy has value in other areas of life outside of professional development. Computer literacy is helpful for researching important topics or personal concerns. Knowing how to properly use a computer and navigate the digital terrain helps to keep life organized and streamlined. Mobile media devices are becoming increasingly popular, reinforcing the need for computer illiterates to consider taking a skill course. Computers have changed almost every facet of daily life, and one can be sure that their presence is to become even more ubiquitous. Thus, gaining computer literacy helps one to prepare for the future.