What Is Computer Hardware Maintenance?

Computer hardware maintenance deals with repairing and replacing broken and failing computer hardware. Preventative maintenance plays a role as well. Many medium and large companies rely on computer maintenance to ensure that their equipment is able to cope with demand.

Computer hardware is generally reliable, and most computer problems are related to software issues. However, computer hardware can become damaged over time, and computer hardware maintenance is necessary for keeping computers up and running. Many companies stand to lose a considerable amount of money if their computers stop running, so maintenance is often a top priority.

Most hardware breaks without warning, so having backup parts is necessary for large servers. Hard drives, in particular, are vulnerable to suddenly stopping, and maintenance experts can ensure that lost data is recovered as quickly as possible. Computer maintenance sometimes deals with consulting. A maintenance expert might offer advice about RAID arrays, which allow a file system to recover gracefully.

Some simple maintenance steps can help prevent a wide range of problems. Simply cleaning a case is sometimes enough to prevent components of overheating. In addition, hard drives and other hardware sometimes indicate that they are likely to fail at some point. Computer hardware maintenance experts often provide these preventative services.