What Is a Comprehensive Report Format?

A comprehensive report format is a systematic arrangement of information gathered on one particular topic. It can be divided into five major parts including preliminary pages, introduction and background of the topic, body of the report, conclusion and recommendations.

Preliminary pages contain details such as the name of the author, an acknowledgment page and a table of contents. The introduction provides a description of the topic under investigation. Facts and other related issues are covered in the background of the study.

The body of the report contains findings from the investigation. A report provides a vivid description of the findings with visual illustrations such as tables, graphs and charts also used in presentation. A summary of all information provides the basis from which the author can draw his conclusion. In the final part of the report, the author can give recommendations based on the conclusion made in the study. A list of sources of information used in the report should be included at the end of the report. The format enables a researcher to exhaust all information gathered during the research process and present it to the reader. A comprehensive report format is used across different fields such as business and medicine.