What Are the Components of Tourism?

Cultura Asia/Gary John Norman/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

The main components of tourism are accessibility, accommodation and attraction or locale. According to the Enuga State Tourism Board, these are considered the 3 A’s of tourism.

One of the main components of tourism, accessibility, refers to the ability for tourists to get to the destination. This mostly includes transportation, which needs to be regularly scheduled, economical, safe and comfortable. Depending on the destination, this includes cars and buses, boats and ships, trains and airplanes.

The second component of tourism is accommodation. This means that tourists have a place to stay upon reaching the destination and a way to get food. Much like accessibility, accommodation also needs to be economical, safe and comfortable. The type of accommodation also varies according to the location. For instance, a stay in the mountains may require a cabin or a place to pitch tents. Other accommodations include hotels and motels.

The third and arguably most important component of tourism is attraction. This means that the destination needs to have some draw that makes tourists want to visit. In same cases the draw is scenic, like mountains and lakes. In other cases the draw might be historical relevance.