What Are Some Complaints About North Star Windows?

Some complaints about North Star windows include issues with quality that occurred when the manufacturer underwent a change in ownership, as well as lower-quality finishes than other window brands. Reviewers also lodged complaints regarding the company’s warranty, which some users feel is insufficient.

According to reviews from RedFlagDeals.com, the company came under new ownership in 2007, and some buyers believe that the quality of window products has suffered as a result. Reviews also suggest that the warranty on North Star windows is insufficient, as it does not cover labor costs, even if window defects are a result of manufacturer error.

Another complaint is that while some North Star windows are ENERGY STAR certified, window models containing grills within thermal glass are not. Some North Star windows come with ENERGY STAR participant stickers indicating that some of the company’s windows are certified, though not necessarily the models with stickers. This confuses some buyers.

Reviews on CanadianWoodworking.com suggest that North Star windows have lower-quality finishes and hardware than other window brands, such as Golden. Many other reviews, such as those found on HomeStars.com, suggest that many of the complaints pertaining to North Star windows involve issues with the window installation company used, not with the windows themselves. North Star windows are carried and installed by various companies that each have their own policies and expertise. Incorrectly installed North Star windows have been reported to have issues with condensation, fogging, ice buildup between panes and air leaks.