What Are Some of the Complaints About Deltec Homes?

Some complaints about Deltec Homes include the length of time needed to unload the kit pieces and the walls, which are described as 8 feet tall, are actually shorter. In addition, homeowners have found it difficult to fit a usable staircase in their Deltec Home.

Deltec Homes are prefabricated, energy-efficient circular residences. The building kits are known as “panelized building systems,” which take only a few days to assemble. Contractors complain that every task inside a circular home, once the outside shell is erected, takes longer than it would with conventional construction. For example, drywall is much more difficult to hang and a contractor must install floor and ceiling insulation in 2-inch wedges.

However, many homeowners are very satisfied once they move in. They rave about the energy efficiency of the home and how strong it is in extremely windy weather. As of 2015, Deltec has gone over 46 years without losing a home to hurricane-strength winds or high winds of any type. One homeowner said the company was the most professional, friendly and innovative organization with which he has ever worked.

Deltec homes allow for a completely flexible interior design because there are no load-bearing walls. Homeowners can create interiors designs with open great rooms to small, cozy spaces. The Deltec website has hundreds of floor plans from which homeowners can choose or customize. Deltec homes can be either one or two stories with wings and connectors from the main circular home for even more square footage.