How Compatible Is a Sagittarius Woman With a Leo-Virgo Cusp Man?

Sagittarius women and Leo-Virgo cusp men are highly compatible when it comes to physical attraction. However, both signs tend to be stubborn, so power struggles between the two are common. Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and Virgo is an earth sign.

While Leos are naturally flamboyant and are known to have a fiery temper, Virgos are known to be down to earth and display a calm demeanor. Leos with a Virgo cusp tend to display characteristics for each sign, which is definitely helpful during a power struggle. While Leos are naturally stubborn, a Leo man born on the Virgo cusp is more likely to cut his losses and end the fight than a non-cusp Leo.

Sagittarius women are naturally flirtatious, and this can drive a Leo man crazy. Both Leo men and women are known for their strong personalities and egos. Leos do not like competition when it comes to love and tend to be extremely jealous in this area. Virgos are known for their jealous streaks as well. When Leo and Virgo are combined in the cusp, this can lead to irrational fights if the Sagittarius woman is found flirting with another man.

While the relationship between these two fire signs can definitely be rocky, it can also be a lot of fun due to the strong physical attraction between Leo and Sagittarius. Both signs share a strong sense of humor as well, so if this pair can get past the fighting and stubbornness, there is definitely a chance for romance.