Which Company Owns Mazda?

Newscast / Contributor/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The Mazda Motor Corporation, a Japanese automaker based in the Hiroshima Prefecture, owns Mazda. The Japan Trustee Services Bank owns the largest number of shares in Mazda; its two largest shareholders are Sumitomo Trust and Banking and Resona Holdings in Japan, which own smaller shares in the auto company.

Ford Motors used to be the major shareholder in the Mazda company, owning up to 33.4 percent of its shares. It changed its ownership stake to 13 percent in 2008 and further reduced its to 2.1 percent in the following years. Many Japanese firms purchased Ford’s Mazda shares, including the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and the Sumitomo Corporation. Other smaller shareholders, such as the Itochu Corporation and Kajima Corporation also bought out some of Ford’s shares.