What Company Made Sun-Lite Pop-up Campers?

Sun-Lite, Inc. of Bristol, Ind., manufactured Sun-Lite pop-up campers from 1982 to 2000. Sun Valley, Inc. of Howe, Ind., purchased the company in 2000 and continued to manufacture Sun-Lite model truck pop-ups until 2009 when the company ceased operations. Production ended with the 2008 year models.

In 1982, Sun-Lite, Inc. introduced a line of four pop-up travel trailers and three truck camper models. By 1991, Sun-Lite manufactured 14 models of pop-up travel trailers and six different truck campers. In 1992, five models of full size travel trailers were added to the line. The year 1994 was the last model year for Sun-Lite pop-up travel trailers, but the Sun-Lite pop-up truck top campers were still produced.