What Company Created Norleans China?

Norleans is one of several dinnerware lines created by Meito, a Japanese fine china and ceramics manufacturer. The company was founded in 1908 and continues to produce popular china patterns.

Founded over a century ago, Meito has undergone several acquisitions and name changes. First called Nagoya Sieto Sho, the name was changed to Narumi Seito Narumi after its acquisition by the Sumitomo Steel Corporation during the Second World War. Both companies used the Meito backstamp as the mark placed on the underside of each piece to identify the manufacturer.

The Meito name was later established in North America when showrooms were opened in several cities across the United States. Meito’s popular dinnerware patterns including Norleans, Asama, Empire and Windsor.

The Norleans line is the most modern of the Meito patterns, with a wide, flat rim and simple decorations.