What Is the Communication Cycle?

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/OJO+/Getty Images

The communication cycle is the process by which a message is sent by one individual, and it passes through a chain of recipients. The timing and effectiveness of a communication cycle is based on how long it takes for feedback to be received by the initial sender. Communication cycles are present in social circles and business landscapes and exist in various forms.

The communication cycle is a way in which groups can measure the effectiveness of interaction and messaging. The best cycles are those that tap into the most effective engagement resources and promote rapid and in-depth visibility of correspondence. The speed with which documents and ideas pass through the entire communication cycle measures the effectiveness of these systems.

Communication cycles include resources such as email chains, social media outlets and VoIP message outlets. The more appropriate and acceptable these are to individuals in the business environment, the faster the response time is and the more quickly the initial sender gets a response.

The point of a communication cycle is to generate rapid and accurate interaction between parties that must maintain access to others at a high priority frequency. These cycles exist in private social groups and business teams alike.