What Are Some Common Teenage Hand Gestures?

Thumbs-up, A-OK, thumbs-down and the V-sign are hand gestures that teenagers commonly use, as of 2015. The thumbs-up sign involves curling the fingers in a fist, and extending the thumb upwards. The thumbs-up sign is a way of showing congratulations and may be given with both hands simultaneously.

A thumbs-down sign carries a meaning opposite to that of the thumbs-up. It indicates a state of displeasure or that the sign maker disapproves of a comment or situation. The A-OK sign is formed by touching the thumb’s tip to the forefinger’s tip, to make a circle. The sign means that everything is all right.

The V-sign is formed by extending the index and middle fingers and curling the other fingers and thumb towards the palm. The two extended fingers should be spread apart. The hand is then held up, with the palm facing outward. The V-sign carries connotations of peace, pride and victory.

Another hand sign that is common among teenagers is the Corna, which Americans use as a sign at parties that they are having a good time. The ring and middle fingers are curled into the palm, and the thumb is placed over them. The index and pinky fingers are extended to complete the sign.

Teenagers may also use their hands to make a heart shape that signifies love. If a teenager wishes to insinuate that another person is lacking social status, he may extend the index finger and thumb to make an L-shape and hold it up to his forehead.