What Are Some Common Teen Problems?

Jamie Grill/Tetra Images/Getty Images

Christina Frank of WebMD lists five common problems parents experience with teenagers: seemingly hating their parents, being ruled by communication devices, staying out late, hanging out with problematic people and creating unnecessary drama. Teenagers typically rebel naturally, potentially causing problems for their parents and families.

According to Frank, teenagers go through a period of rapid change both physically and mentally, which causes them to act out and explore themselves and their surroundings. As a result, many parents of teenagers experience problems they do not know how to handle; however, Frank proposes solutions to each of the common problems.

When teenagers seem to hate their parents, it is advised that the parents stay calm throughout their child’s rebellious phase. It is best for parents to let their teens know that they are there for them whenever they need them. Frank also advises setting reasonable limits on communication devices, such as forbidding texting at the dinner table and setting a time limit on nighttime computer use.

If teenagers are constantly ignoring their curfews, parents are advised to set consequences, such as not going out the next night. Parents following through on rules and consequences is important because it lets teenagers know they are serious. When their teenagers hang out with problematic people that may peer pressure them into skipping school or doing drugs, parents are advised to gently talk to them and explain their concerns. Family therapy or counseling can help if the situation escalates.

As for teenage drama, all parents can do is listen and sympathize to help the situation. Above all, effective communication between parents and teenagers is important to maintain a healthy, open relationship and minimize problems.