What Are Common Symptoms of Stomach Erosion?

htu/Moment Open/Getty Images

Some of the symptoms of stomach erosion, known as gastritis, include nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting, according to WebMD. Sometimes, untreated gastritis can cause severe blood loss, and even increases the risk of stomach cancer. However, the symptoms of gastritis vary among individuals, and there are often no symptoms exhibited.

Some further symptoms of erosion of the lining of the stomach include abdominal bloating, burning or gnawing pain and indigestion, indicates WebMD. These symptoms can be both sudden and acute, or chronic. However, most symptoms will improve quickly once treatment begins.

The causes of gastritis include irritation from alcoholism, excessive vomiting, stress or certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs, as WebMD states. It can also be caused by certain diseases such as bile reflux or pernicious anemia, which causes improper digestion of vitamin B12, as well as bacterial and viral infections.

Treatments for gastritis include certain medications as well as dietary changes, according to WebMD. Depending on the direct cause of the erosion, taking antacids can reduce stomach acid levels, while antibiotics fight any infections. Avoiding hot and spicy foods, as well as lactose and other irritants, will help. However, once the underlying cause of gastritis is dealt with, usually the gastritis itself will be cured as well.